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Diversity on TV: is Enjoyment as Important as Employment?

05/06/16 - 2 comments

We have heard a lot recently about minorities in the UK. Are they sufficiently integrated into the mainstream culture? What are the paths to better integration?  Here I take a different approach. Do they share what the majority likes? Or watch different stuff? Can’t cultural integration be about enjoyment as well as employment?


2 responses to “Diversity on TV: is Enjoyment as Important as Employment?”

  1. J says:

    Please note that one programme which failed to meet the benchmark was Death In Paradise, which features many black actors.

    It’s hugely popular nationally so what is it about the portrayal of black characters in Death in Paradise that causes it to fail with black viewers? Is the creative team diverse, or not?

    Does DIP ignore where we are culturally in order to provide entertainment which comforts some and insults others? Is Death In Paradise really just the “MInd Your Language” of our times?

    • davidgraham says:

      Thanks for this. We noted something similar with Luther. It was not especially appealing to black viewers. Should we seek other examples and look for some possible explanations? Test some criteria, like, as you suggest, the composition of the creative team? Any other ideas?

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