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Strangled Coverage: UK’s TV Impartiality Rules Should Go

31/05/16 - 2 comments

This podcast argues that these rules have constrained coverage when the engagement of the public was needed most . The podcast is based on an article for OpenDemocracy and a shorter piece in UK’s Broadcast magazine. I hope you will add your comments. It deserves discussion.


2 responses to “Strangled Coverage: UK’s TV Impartiality Rules Should Go”

  1. davidgraham says:

    In the Today programme on 06/06 Deborah Mattinson, head of Britain Thinks, told Nick Robinson that people were confused and hungry for advice from experts like Martin Lewis. I guess this video could not be broadcast. http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/money-saving-expert-martin-lewis-8121255

  2. davidgraham says:

    There is a good piece on the same topic written by Ray Snoddy at http://mediatel.co.uk/newsline/2016/06/15/eu-referendum-the-principles-of-broadcasting-impartiality-have-hit-a-snag/. He takes a “moderate” view and in answer to his own question: “Can anything be done to redress the creation of too perfectly poised a balance between ideas that stand up to robust scrutiny and those that do not?” he replies “Probably very little….” In theory tough questioning by expert journalists should expose ideas that do not stand up to scrutiny….Is that working? I feel not.That’s the “snag” worth thinking about.

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