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In this blog David Graham looks at key issues facing the media an entertainment industries, in particular those where the special skills of the Attentional team offer new new ideas or insights.

Attentional on Ethnic Diversity: the complete data set.

02/11/16 - Leave a comment

If you are a data hound, and just want to see the numbers and not be bothered with commentary, I have put all the data used in the two videos together here in a Powerpoint file. It also offers a much quicker route through the data. This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online.

Diversity on TV: is Enjoyment as Important as Employment?

05/06/16 - 2 comments

We have heard a lot recently about minorities in the UK. Are they sufficiently integrated into the mainstream culture? What are the paths to better integration?  Here I take a different approach. Do they share what the majority likes? Or watch different stuff? Can’t cultural integration be about enjoyment as well as employment?  

Strangled Coverage: UK’s TV Impartiality Rules Should Go

31/05/16 - 2 comments

This podcast argues that these rules have constrained coverage when the engagement of the public was needed most . The podcast is based on an article for OpenDemocracy and a shorter piece in UK’s Broadcast magazine. I hope you will add your comments. It deserves discussion.